Aug 31,2019

Preserve your flower rangoli with 1 simple ingredient.

Flower rangoli really popular this time of year they are used to make vibrant decorations in home for upcoming festive season process of making flower rangoli straightforward all you need is a few petals in different colours and then you have to arrange them in a particular pattern. To main problems with flower rangoli is however is that they do not last a long time the flower petals begins perish within a couple of hours and this only goes by faster if the rangoli is in harsh weather conditions

But good news there is a very simple way to make your flower rangoli look fresher little longer and it only requires one ingredient. 


Glycerine is a well-known preservative and is available easily in all supermarkets. Is also not very expensive at all. Glycerine also widely used in cosmetics and creams as a has great moisturizing properties. 

The way glycerine works is it replaces the water in the flowers while still preserving the original colours and texture of the flowers. So, the end result will be a flower that looks almost identical to a fresh flower except it last a lot longer. 

This method works on all kinds of flowers,  from exotic cut flowers to humble Marigold Petals.

A completely preserved flower will last 6 to 12 months depending on the environmental conditions. 

Not only is this a sustainable solution as the cut flower industry is really most environmentally damaging industries but it also very light on the pocket while still insurance that your house always has fresh flowers. 

The message of preservation is slightly different for each flower type. 

Cut flowers with long stems

These flowers are the easiest to preserve simply cut off the tips of stem and soak the flower in a solution of water and glycerine for 2 to 3 weeks. Change the water weekly to ensure there is no microbial contamination which cause you’re flowers to rot. 

Loose but whole flowers

These are the most commonly available flowers which I used for flower rangoli.  To preserve flowers simply place them in a dish 100% glycerine with the stem submerged in the glycerine. Continue to absorb the glycerine and hence get preserved in the process.  Since the stems of the flowers of very short it may be difficult to preserve the flower entirely hence the flower may only last upto 7 days. 

Preserving flower petals

The best way to preserve flower Petals is to preserve the entire flower first and then remove the Petals. If it is really necessary to use flower petals directly when the flower petals in 100% glycerine for as long as possible. Keep watching the flower Petals constantly to make sure there is no rotting. Once you begin to notice some slight rotting remove the petals Android and dry them gently using a soft cloth. Metals preserved in this manner may last for 4-5 days. 

Note that glycerine does attract ants, so it’s a good idea to wash flowers thoroughly. Also these techniques for work best if your flowers are incredibly fresh. 

So go ahead and give this I’ll go and let us know how it worked for you.