Oct 25,2019

DIY Gold Striped Blouse with no sewing

Striped blouses are extremely chic. The geometric stripes contrast well against flowy sarees, making them really versatile and fun to wear.

You can make your own using these gold strips. And the best part is: no sitching involved!

This DIY blouse takes barely 20 minutes to complete, thanks to these iron on gold strips. You can arrange the stripes in anyway you like and then simply iron them down once you are happy with the layout! its as easy as that.

Things you will need:

An unloved blouse. Find a saree blouse that has been neglected because its too simple or boring. Adding stripes is a great way to reinvigorate the blouse. 

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A regular iron. You will need an ordinary iron to bond the gold strips to the blouse.  Ensure that it is not a steam iron. 

Iron on Gold Strips. These gold strips are made from organotex certified polyurethane. When ironed onto fabrics, they are permanent and machine washable. They do not cause any kind of stiffness, so your blouse remains flexible and comfortable. The gold colour is not bright and shiny. Instead, its a muted gold which glimmers  softly under the light.  Its a perfect way to spice up an old blouse without too much bling bling.

Designing the striped blouse is the fun part! You can place the strips anywhere on the blouse: front, back or even sleeves. Just make sure that you can iron the area well. 

Arrange the strips in any pattern, ensuring that the rough side is faced down. The strips may move around so you may want to place some small objects on the strips to keep them in place.

Once you are happy with the placement, iron the strips on your cotton setting for 30 seconds with firm pressure. Do not slide your iron across the fabric as the strips may move. Instead lift and place the iron onto a new area. 

Peel off the clear backing sheet which is on top of the strips and thats all! You have a  beautiful customised blouse! 

For a long lasting blouse, its best to hand wash and iron in reverse or with another layer of cloth in between the blouse and iron. Iron on a medium heat setting.