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A “sustainable cotton dress” it would be difficult to find on Instagram. But once you create a profile customers can select search criteria such as Cotton, Sustainable and Dress and find your brand. Click here to see our search features

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With India’s diversity of artisans, cultural influences and raw materials  we have the ability to create many beautiful products. But at the same time, brands need to embody strong values on sustainability, ethics or traditions in order to preserve practices for future generations.

Thats why we are compiling a list of authentic brands to help you convey the great practices that go on behind the scenes.

The Craft Discovery Platform is a free directory listing which will allow you to highlight your brands products and the stories behind the products.

If your brand is involved in supporting artisans or works on ethical and sustainable principles or has a environmentally friendly approach to design, we invite you to become part of our network.

Still need more information? have a look though FAQs on the Craft Discovery Platform

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