What we stand for

India Contempo is a platform dedicated to hand made creativity and design in the Indian context. India has the worlds largest creative workforce in the world as well has over 5000 years of uninterrupted traditions of practicing crafts. Despite this, creativity and design remains under appreciated.

We represent various types of craftspersons, from the traditional artisan whose craft has evolved over generations, to upcoming designers who provide a fresh perspective. We cover issues such as sustainability, artisans and their crafts and evolving traditions and provide readers with tools to find authentic handcrafted or designer products which suit their lifestyles.

Our approach is to raise awareness through informative graphics, compelling story telling and encourage community engagement based on 3 principles


In a world full of mass manufacturing, there is a unique appeal to items carefully crafted by hand. Even mass manufactured items imitate the hand crafted. We present a nuance picture on the process so readers can distinguish between the authentic and inauthentic.


We are unrestricted by typical definitions of craft and design. Traditional crafts have an intrinsic creative processes that evolved over multiple generations and that these are not lesser processes of design.


We believe that the handcrafted sector is one of the most inclusive. While, Indian artisans have been creating and designing for generations using manual tools and locally available materials, upcoming designers are also bringing in a fresh perspective. Moreover, everyone has the ability to do something hands on and create something.

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