May 22,2019

8 unintended benefits of handcrafted products

Large scale industrialized production has definitely made things cheaper but there is a growing need for something more personal. More and more people are consuming mass manufactured factory made products like smartphones, but that the same time people genuinely want something that sets them apart. And this can translate into huge opportunities for Indias 7 million crafts people. And thats not all, the benefits of purchasing hand crafted products go well beyond livelihoods generation. 

Here are 7 ways that your handcrafted purchase can have unintended benefits:


  1. Giving handmade gifts captures the true essence of gift giving. A handmade gift conveys so much more than something pulled off a shelf. You are really saying I care about you.

High quality

  1. Purchase an item that the artisan enjoys making, and that has special significance


  1. Locally made product reduce carbon footprint. Mass manufactured items require heavy production costs and transportation, so purchasing locally has a lower carbon footprint
  2. Many crafts are made using recycled material which is very important for the environment.

Boost creativity

  1. Buying from craftspeople is a conscious decision. Everyone realises that it costs more, but they are willing to pay a higher price for something of artisanal value
  2. Handmade products are more than just products, there is love, creativity and uniqueness and that shows in the final product.
  3. When something is handmade, its very likely that the craftsperson is deliberate and mindful about the next stictch, the next bead etc.
  4. It rewards independent and creative thinking which revitalises society
  5. You enable an artist to continue following their creative dreams.


  1. Allows of customisation and enables customers to participate in the creative process

Preserve traditions

  1. Buying handmade tells a unique story about the craftsperson, about the materials used, the origin and adds more interest to the item.
  2. Embraces and celebrates the diversity of regional, cultures, ideas and resources from around the world.
  3. It embraces how things are made and where they come from making everyone more grateful for the things they have.
  4. Buying handmade and truly appreciating the effort and care that has gone into the item, greatly reduces the chance of throwing it away.

Build communities

  1. Support local craft communities
  2. Handmade products are much more personal. You can think about the person who made the product and how they managed to produce that product and you feel a sense of community when you receive a product that has travelled from the craftspersons hands to yours. Like you know who to contact and say “its here! I love it!” one person to another